A more relaxed way of life

Whereas the ‘Cyprus’ currently popular with tourists shares the same warm, clear Mediterranean Sea washing up on gorgeous beaches as North Cyprus (all bathed in glorious sunshine), there the similarity ends.

North Cyprus has remained immune to the fast and ever-changing fashions that have seen its southern neighbour become a somewhat homogenous ‘tourist destination’ where the native cuisine has been replaced by generic world-famous fast food franchises; indigenous arts and craft markets replaced by malls awash with branded items available the world over. Where local café, restaurant and bar nightlife has been swamped by ‘theme’ pubs and night clubs. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but some say it has lost the very ‘soul’ that first drew visitors to these delightful shores.


North Cyprus invites you to rediscover the real ‘Cyprus feeling’ that first attracted the curious traveller to this island paradise. It’s as if time has stood still; a calmer, more genuine experience being the reward for its recent isolation. The magnificent, undisturbed landscape remains a haven for unique flora and fauna and in the towns and villages life continues at a pace so much more suitable to utter, unbridled relaxation.